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Altitude Perspective Frame of Mind

Welcome to dGianni

d’Gianni’s high end lingerie line was originally envisioned, born and established in January 2000. The highly anticipated collection was officially launched in 2009. As a company it is our hope that when wearing an exclusive d’Gianni piece women will be able to shed inhibitions and rid themselves of all insecurities they might have when it comes to their bodies.

Our vision is that in time, people will not submit to the standard perception of beauty that our society has programmed
us to identify with. These perceptions have only caused unnecessary self turmoil in terms of the way we look, the way we feel and, in turn limits our allure. What you believe about yourself is what truly matters. Life is about searching for our own truth. Your truth makes you who you are, and in the process, you’ll be to others as you are to yourself. To us here at d’Gianni that true you is forever beautiful and timelessly sexy.

So be happy. Be proud. Honor the body you are blessed with. Love the unique beauty the creator has bestowed upon you. Skinny or plump, lean or round, tall or short, be who you are. That’s the miracle of life. There are billions of people on earth but no two of us alike. We were born to show off, and lest we forget, we should remind ourselves that style is not about a size, it’s an attitude. So let your body have an attitude and let it love you.

Sexy is…

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